Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Micah's schedule

Yes, I am 'one of those moms.' I put my child on a schedule. Doesn't it sound so much better to say " I try to stick to a routine." :) To pass the blame, or the credit, it wasn't my idea. But the best behaved children I have seen are all on routines. My step sister in law (that's a mouthful) was the first one I saw, and her kids are amazing. I read the book Babywise, and ask questions like crazy to moms around me. If it weren't for those things I would be so lost. Anyway, this is Micah's routine right now, at 4 months.
7:15ish wake up and nurse
7:45-7:55 Tummy Time
7:55-8:15 "Room time"
8:15-8:45 Time with Mommy, play in Bumbo or Exersaucer
8:45-11:00 Nap
Then we repeat those things and lots of times go for a walk or run an errand
12:30-3:00 Nap
3:00-4:30 Nurse, Tummy Time, play with Daddy when he gets home
4:30-5:30 or 6 "Cat Nap"
6-7 Family Time (usually a walk)
7:00 Nurse
7:30 Bedtime

Room time is something I just started. A couple of friends at church told me about it, and it's in an older book called "Prep for Parenting." I keep Micah's playpen set up in our spare bedroom (because his room is too small) and put him in there on his back (he loves his back) with a few toys. And he loves it. He talks to himself, play with his feet, talks to his toys. My friends said that is helps them to help how to play independently and how to focus. I thought he would hate it but I was wrong! And then once he is mobile he will just play in his room without the playpen. It allows me to shower or clean up, but lots of times I just sit outside the room and watch him! :) Today I went in there and his book was lying on his face. I was tempted to help him, but instead wanted to see him problem solve. He was kinda giggling at the book, rather than being upset. And he kept trying to roll over to no avail. After several minutes of trying to lift the book off of his face he got it! And he looked thrilled! It was the highlight of my morning.
This routine is great, he and I both know what to expect every day, and I can plan social events around his schedule. However, Sundays are out the window because of church and sunday school and youth group. They have been pretty rough for him lately, he pretty much cries in nursery the entire time. ( I would appreciate prayers for this) I'm trying to stay calm about this because it's not going to change. He's a pastors son so Sundays will always be like that. He just glares at me when I tell him that now. ;)


  1. Ahh, ROUTINE!!! I love it! The kids at school are ALL so much better when we stick to a routine--kids need it! So fun to read what you do with Micah!!!

  2. Hi Rebekah! I love your blog! here is ours, I'm not nearly as dedicated as you are...but I try!
    so glad you've found the joy of "scheduling" just makes life better doesn't it? I used baby-wise for the first 6 months and Ava slept perfectly. Now we use the book "healthy sleep habits happy baby". and yes Sundays are the worst! You feel so bad because you know they just want their routine! But he will adjust and soon he may even nap before church...It's so great when that happens!

  3. Rebekah, I'm loving reading your blog. So much wisdom!! I read Rachel's also and it's so fun to be able to see pics of Micah AND Adam!