Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Prevention of Gratitude

This week God has been prompting me to be more thankful. I have learned that gratitude is preventative of a lot of sin. When I make it a practice to be thankful, and to express it (whether to the Lord or those around me) I find that it helps my attitude, I feel more content, I even struggle less with selfishness. I have so much to be thankful for. But not just the 'big things' like health, jobs, and a loving husband and healthy baby. But I'm learning to be thankful for the little things. Here's some of the little things that I thought of this week:
I'm thankful that Matt is a youth pastor--it was always my dream :)
I'm thankful that my baby LOVES to smile and laugh.
I'm thankful that our dog, DeWayne, doesn't bark.
I'm thankful that we live in Colorado.
I'm so thankful that Micah has hair, it's so cute. :)
I'm thankful for facebook! I have loved reconnecting with high school friends and other friends I wouldn't normally keep up with.
I'm so thankful that Ruthann moved out to Colorado. God answered my prayers about loneliness with her.
I'm thankful that Matt's job gave him a Mac.
I'm thankful that our landlord painted our townhome sage green--I love sage green. (for example, my wedding)
I'm thankful that Ryan, my bro, runs cross country--and that he is AWESOME at it.
I'm thankful that Rach had a baby the same time as me.
I'm thankful that Matt understands and practices grace more than anyone I know.
I'm so thankful for a job where I practically make my own schedule.
I'm thankful for our church where the gospel is preached, God is honored, and the people are real.
I'm thankful for Food Network. I LOVE Food Network.
I'm thankful for the new ped mall across the street.

That's just a start. Those are just the things on the top of my mind today.
Micah, Matt, and DeWayne are begging to go on a walk now. I love walks so I better not miss this opportunity.
Isn't God good? Praying that we can all experience the goodness of God today.....

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