Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Kitchen Floor

Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! My kitchen floor is painful to look at. And not because of DeWayne’s hair, Micah’s leftover squash, or Matt’s footprints. Even after hours of scrubbing, sweeping, and bleaching, it is repulsive. The people who lived here before us didn’t spend much time on domestic hygiene. The tile is coming up in the corner, to reveal a blackish surface saturated with permanent dirt. There are scuff marks, dents, holes, you name it.

I know, silly blog topic. I promise I have a point here.

God is teaching me so much through my wonderful kitchen floor.

This necrotic tile is my object lesson for contentment.

I Timothy 6:6 says “But godliness with contentment is of much gain.” I find contentment to be such a tough character trait to master. And it seems like it is especially difficult for women. I often find myself looking back on previous seasons in life with a desire to return (gotta be honest, I just want to go back to high school and compete in sports again). Or sometimes I catch myself day dreaming about the future when I get to tote 3 kids to soccer practice every night and master the occupation of ‘taxi driver.’ (I know, I’m weird.)

But, oh to be content! To be able to say “I am satisfied—thanks be to God.”

How I long to have an attitude of stillness instead of chasing after the next thing. How wonderful to be overflowing with gratitude, rather than possessions.

Our pastor, Mike Romberger, said “The key to contentment is not more possessions, but fewer desires.” AWESOME! I love that. To hone in my desires to line up with my Lords, that is what I long for! Instead of craving more clothes, bedrooms, fun kitchen tools, trips, what if my desires were simply to please my Savior? How much more content I would be!

So I will continue to clean my kitchen floor, with the help of my dog of course ( he takes care of the area under the high chair). And as I do that will be my plea—to minimize my desires.


  1. Well said, hard to learn and apply, God will bless the efforts, have to revisit the lesson often throughout the years....

  2. Thank you for that reproach!! :) Seriously, I'm catching up on your blog after my computer's been off for a month and the first thing I see when I turn it back on is your blog on contentment!!! I find that my thorn is that I think my life should be perfect and if it's not perfectly perfect then I'm discontent and my focus is completely taken off of the things I need to be doing as God's instrument. Thanks again for the reminder and giving Satan a punch in the gut--for me! :)