Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Good morning! One of my dearest friends suggested I blog about Adored and ask for prayer for it. Good idea Katie, and thanks. So for the 8 of you that read this blog ;) , I would be delighted if you would lift up this conference with me.
Adored is a conference for teenage girls that I am putting together at our church. I believe God planted this very specific vision in my heart several months ago, and I'm excited that he has guided and provided for it. It's May 7-8 at my church, for 6th-12th grade. My desire for this is that God would reveal himself to the girls, that they would learn that they are adored by a holy God, and that they would live transformed because of that realization. We will be focusing on Inner Beauty/Self Esteem (Esther), Purity/Redemption (Rahab), and Friendship (Ruth). I have a band coming, The Sonflowerz (www. sonflowerz.com), my little sister has written 2 dramas for it, and I am giving the talks. It will also include a slumber party, chic flics, karaoke, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate, manicures, free massages ( a real massage therapist!), scrapbooking, and a make up tutorial. I am so excited! Anyone (girl) reading this is invited!

I would covet your prayers in these areas:
*Please pray that girls will come!
*Please pray that I will communicate effectively, and that these girls will catch God's heart for them, his love for them, and his desire for them to live in purity.
*Please pray for a new normal for these girls! I'm praying that they will let God write their love story, that they will respect themselves enough to keep themselves pure, and that they will fall in love with their Maker.
*And lastly, Friends, please pray against spiritual warfare. Without sharing details there is an area of dissension in my life lately that is consuming me. I'm losing sleep, I'm broken, and I'm so hurt. Selfishly I ask for prayers for me, that I would find wisdom and strength and healing from the Lord. Please pray that I would go to the LORD with this consuming issue and shun lies from the enemy and walk in integrity (and no, it's not Matt, we're just fighting over who has a better bracket :) )

But if I could just expand on what God is doing lately. Yesterday we were on a 'family run' and I was in another world because of a heavy heart and busy mind. In addition to the previously mentioned issue, on Sunday I hurt one of my best friends feelings. I spoke without thought and without wisdom and hurt her feelings. And ever since I have realized it, I have been sick with regret and guilt. What I wouldn't do to take back that conversation! And although we will be fine, I couldn't get over it. I swear I walked around with bad posture because of the weight of it. Poor Matt was trying to balance listening, encouraging, instructing, and distracting me. :) But he spoke such wonderful words of truth to me:
God is humbling me. Like never before (besides labor, uhhh.) I am so desperate for him right now, for his truth and his strength. If I stop clinging to him and his word for even a moment, I begin to drown in lies and discouragement. But in him, there is strength. "But they who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31. Isaiah didn't say "they get to sit down and not grow weary, they will nap and not be faint." No, he says run and walk. God's strength allows me to keep moving. God's desire is that I keep moving, keep striving for him and his plans for me. No matter the circumstances. And his promise? Sufficiency. His strength will be enough for me.
Humbled is the best place to be, if you want to experience God, if you want to be used by God. Realizing that he is the vine and that I am a dependent branch, apart from him I can do no good thing.

Well, this is blog entry #2 that is pretty raw and unrefined. Which, in itself is humbling. Since I'm being so honest with you, I'll confess I prefer to blog on godly and creative days. :) Days when I think about sentence structure and how to communicate effectively. But not today, today is more about honesty. Please pray for me, please pray for Adored. Please pray that God will rise up a new generation of young women who are passionate about Him and confident in who they are.

Thanks, so much.


  1. I will pray for you and for Adored. God is obviously doing some great things in you! I am always challenged by your desire to keep moving forward in your relationship with God. Thanks.
    -Kim Brumm

  2. Make that 9 who read your blog! Sounds like a wonderful event that any girl (of any age) would enjoy! Thank you for your honest sharing...I see that as God preparing your heart even more fully so that He can use you.

    Humbling lessons are difficult and there's no beloved child of God who hasn't had them, needs another one, or soon will need one. Our hearts can deceive us that we are already humble enough! We are always students until we get to go Home.

  3. I think I remember that not long ago you were feeling very "separate" from God, wondering where the passion had gone in your walk...and the Lord has changed your situation! It's a beautiful feeling to be in such desperate places, because you KNOW without a doubt that you're changing. I will definitely be praying for the conference (it sounds AWESOME, I wish I was a teenager girl in CO!), for your relationships (I have hurt MORE than my share of people, so know the "weight" of that burden!), and for peace of mind as the Lord continues to challenge and change you. YOU ARE LOVED!!!!