Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Baby

So how about a healthy serving of Micah? I thought some of you (relatives) would like an update of Micah! So he is pretty much awesome. I could just sum it up with that. :)

Micah is now 8 1/2 months old. (Really?!) He is funny, joyful, and independent.

Our Routine

7:00 Wake up and takes a bottle in bed with us
Climbing practice, jungle gym: Mom, Dad, DeWayne :) (I LOVE this time, he has so much to tell us, and he touches our faces like he had forgotten what we looked like)
7:30-8:15 Plays in his room, while rocking out to Keith Green Kids Worship
*He LOVES playing alone in his room, all we have to do is walk towards the CD player and he kinda freaks out (meanwhile Mom and Dad shower and get ready for the day)
8:30 Breakfast: Usually a few slices of cucumber (LOVES them), 3 T vegetable, 3 T fruit
9:00-11:00 Morning nap (He reaches for his crib and giggles as we put him down)
This is when I get to have my time in God's Word, emailing, blogging, cleaning the house
11:00 Bottle and lunch (3 T vegetable and 2 T fruit)
11:00-1:00 We usually either run errands, go see Daddy (his office is 1 mile away-wootwoot!), or go for a run with DeWayne
1:00-3:30ish Afternoon nap
3:30 bottle
4:00 Room time again, play with Mommy, sometimes go with mommy to hang out with a youth group girl
6:00 Family dinner, usually the same as breakfast
6:30 WRESTLE TIME WITH DADDY :) (I firmly believe he LIVES for this time of day)
Bath time
Bible stories
He now loves to actually sit and listen to me read to him! For the longest time he would just try and eat every page...
Pray with Mommy and Daddy (not DeWayne)
7:30 Bedtime

Usually 3 times a week I leave for work at either 5 or 7 and work till 1 or 2, so the 3 boys get the evenings together. I purposely don't ask what they do, it probably involves farting contests, eating ice cream, and making bets on the game....


*He can crawl backwards and rotate 360 degrees
*He is days, maybe moments, from pulling himself up to a standing position
*No teeth yet
*He is up to like 4 consonants, dada, gaga, nana, and baba.


*Room time
*Target and Chic fil A (or is that me?)
*Byron Johns (one of our pastors, sorry to all other readers, but Mr. Byron is by far his favorite person)
*Runs in his stroller


*Sunday mornings
*Getting dressed (he is passionate about nakedness) (I'm resisting making a comment about where he gets this from ) (his dad)
*Off brand formula. :(

What I am learning:

Is there room on this blog for this category?! I am learning so much, from organization and how to suction a snotty nose, to deep tough lessons in selflessness. I am learning how crucial moral training is, even at 8 months. (Micah now knows the word "no", and usually quickly obeys, I am amazed. I am learning the importance of prioritizing. If I choose to be lazy during his naps and not have my devotional time or clean up, it often doesn't happen. I am also learning how important my marriage is. The moment Matt and I put each other 2nd to Micah our family suffers. But when we treasure one another, set each other up for success, and communicate excessively, our family thrives. I am also learning the monumental importance of grace. I have to be gracious with myself as I fumble as a mother and a wife; and I must be gracious with Micah as he learns any number of things. Lastly, I am learning about joy. My first round of joy training was when I married Herky. :) And I am continuing to learn about it. It is so contagious! Betweeen my 3 boys I should just laugh all day, which I must add, would be quite healthy.

Oh yeah, I'm learning a flat stomach is way over rated........ hahahaha....eh.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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