Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm giddy. I am at Panera---alone. Matt is home with Micah during his morning nap and I was sent to my happy place with my Bible, journal, and Mac. *Sigh. I hardly know what to do with myself, on the way here I turned around to talk to the empty car seat, then remembering I was ALONE. :)

So I just quickly wanted to blog about a cool thing God did this week.

While sparing you the majority of the details Matt and I have had a rough week. Finances are really tough right now, maybe tougher than ever. And in addition, I have been saturated in my pride and not wanted to share that with anybody. But, like most struggles, when handed over to the Lord it can be transformed into a beautiful opportunity for growth. Matt and I have existed on our knees for the past week. It has been scary at times, yet we know that we stand on the Rock (Colt McCoy).

But here is the sweet God story:

I have felt consumed with fear at times this past week. Then yesterday I got a text from a girl from our youth group that she needed to talk. She became a Christian about 2 years ago and we have gotten very close. But the past semester has been hard, the world has wooed her.
But my God is in the work of restoration. I love to see God bring the lost to him, but just as much I love love love to see him go after the wanderers. And he is going after this girl! I was able to listen to her as she realized that she is being pursued! God is coming after her! He is jealous for her! I got to listen to her as she realized that the world has nothing for her, as she realized that she is loved by a God that has been on the back burner of her heart for a semester. I saw it in her teary eyes that she felt pursued! Ah-I'm making a scene at Panera. Our God is so big! If He can save the lost, if he can drawn back the wanderer to himself with his love, then he can pay bills! Who cares about money?! As C.S. Lewis said "Aslan is on the move!"

So that's my rant. What felt like such a consuming struggle for most of the week now seems minimal. The mountain of finances is a molehill in light of the power of God.

As I sit here inhaling the addicting scent of Cinnamon Crunch bagels I am praying that you can experience our BIG God today. I'm praying that whatever feels insurmountable today will be conquered by the truth that our God moves mountains.
Zephaniah 3:17 claims that "The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness;he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing."

I wish I knew had to better finagle this fancy smancy blog thing so I could have you listen to this song, but until I learn I'll just give you the lyrics. My all time song of encouragement: He's Always Been Faithful To Me by Sara Groves.

Morning by morning I wake up to find
the power and comfort of God's hand in mine.
Season by season I watch him amazed, in
awe of the mystery of his perfect ways

All I have need of his hand will provide.
He's always been faithful to me

I can't remember a trial or a pain he did
not recycle to bring me gain. I can't
remember one single regret in serving
God only and trusting his hand

This is my anthem, this is my song, the
theme of the stories I've heard for so long.
God has been faithful, he will be again.
His loving compassion, it knows no end.

So, sit back and rest in the big loving arms of God. Look at your situation and say in my semi-gangster husbands words "It ain't no thang." ;)


  1. WOW, Rebekah, I can imagine how sweet alone time like that is! Thanks for sharing these're definitely not alone, we're probably learning a lot of the same lessons, and it's SO HARD to give up anxieties about money's almost a totally different world of anxieties and sin issues! GRR!!! Much love...

  2. That girl is blessed to have a woman like you praying for're an incredible woman of God, Rebekah, you challenge me! I'll be praying for her--and that you can have more Panera dates with Him! I love me some Panera...

  3. I love your blog, Renae DeVolder just gave it to me and I'm hooked!! I just posted that Sara Grooves song in my last blog, funny! Love you, praying for your fam tonight.. you're right God is SO wonderfully big! My eyes were shifted off my need recently too, and He provided, I pray your needs are provided for too because of your faith, and because He's a good Father. :)