Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A "New Years" Update

Hello friends! I am loving this month, anyone else?

See, for the Johnsons, this February is our January. My hot husband, in his bountiful wisdom, decided that we push back our January one month. He knows me so well. He knows that January is one of my favorite months--I love the newness of it, the resolutions, the refreshing routine after the holidays, etc. But this January, got swallowed whole by Adored. So we just pushed it back one month.

And now I can hyper-schedule my family, write excessive amounts of New Year's Resolutions, and play with our budget for 2011 hours upon hours upon hours. :) I'm. in. heaven.

But really, despite my psycho mood swings that have accompanied this pregnancy, I am loving these past few weeks. And I thought I would share with you what life looks like right now.

Our growing family of 3 is in a wonderfully blessed season of life. Matt is very happy at work, and doing quite well at it, if I can say that. And I can. His junior high youth group is about 110+ strong. (That's a lot of puberty in one room.) He just returned from a 4 day golfing trip with the big dawgs of Mission Hills, where he held his own hitting the ball with the sticks into the holes. (I'm so not into golf.)

Micah is 22 months old and is ADORABLE. I'm not just saying it, it's a fact.

He has these huge blue/gray eyes and this curly blonde hair, and this huge bubble butt and kinda arched back, and then, in the cuttest way, he opens his mouth, and yells


"No Mommy!"

"Ssssnnaack Mommy!"

"NO Dee!" (to our dog, DeWayne)

And then, it's so cute, he'll throw his food across the dining room, and then, oh man, it's so cute, he'll run and hide when you say it's nap time.


Isn't that funny? I mean, not really funny, like hahahaha, but more like.....funny where I cry and get on my knees and beg the Lord for every single ounce of wisdom he can shunt my way. More like that kind of funny.

My parents have no sympathy for me either. I called my dad after a traumatizing meal with Micah, seeking his paternal comfort, and he LAUGHED. And then he continues by telling me how many rods they broke on my hiney. Sometimes when Micah's precious strong will comes out, and I look at Matt in desperation, and all he does is tug on my hair. My red hair. And that's all he needs to 'say.' Micah is MY son. He has my personality. Matt and Dad are so sweet to remind me.

But despite our strong personalities, I have never loved being a mom as much as recently. And the real picture I should paint of my son, is that he is adorable, and hilarious, with gobs and gobs of personality, and a little...gob, of strong-will. And although he has my feisty personality, he has the sweetest heart and absolutely loves people.
Here's a look at our days together:

7:00 I get up alone and have my time with coffee and Jesus.
8:00 The 3 boys get up. It's quite the process for them. I, on the other hand, kinda pop out of bed like a toaster.
I "make breakfast" for everyone. I'll be honest, today was Frosted Flakes.
Matt leaves for work. Micah says about 15 times "Daddy at ccherch?"
8:45ish Micah and I play/learn together. Really, it's hardly 'learning' time. I just always wanna make sure he gets my undivided attention for at least a little bit of each day. We read Bible stories, work on his puzzles, and read books. I love this time more than I can describe.
9:00 Micah plays in his room for about an hour. I finish my bible study, plan out my day, and clean up the house.
10:00 Micah watches 30 minutes of Sesame Street while I email/facebook/blog or continue house work.
10:30-12:30 We run errands together or have a play date. I love being out and about with Micah, it seems like he's always in a vocab test, saying every word he knows. Included but not limited to:
"french fries" (when we pass Chic fil A)
"wool" (when we pass the pool)
and "chick" (when we pass Chic fil A again)

Neither of us like to stay home all day, we get moody and then Matt gets scared to come home. :)

1:00-4:00 Nap Time. Sometimes I'll nap too , depending on my work schedule.
4:00 Micah roams the house and discovers things, sometimes we go for a walk, sometimes me, him, and Dewayne just sit at the front door and wait for Matt to come home. I'm serious.

Our evenings consist of me working 2 nights a week, youth group on Wednesdays, hanging with friends, of skyping grand parents.

7:00 Micah's bedtime.
And that's our life right now.
As much as I love Adored, and love the busyness of the 'Adored Season,' there is no greater joy than the daily job of mom, wife, and homemaker. There is also nothing more challenging for me. I have been realizing that heading up a 400 girl conference is cake compared to the challenge of serving my boys faithfully and sincerely. I think I'm kinda backwards like that. My faith isn't tested as much in speaking in front of hundreds, as much as it is in the learning curves of a marriage or the struggles of daily parenting.

My sister's blog reminded me of this last week. (Check her out: http://www.ruthannslifeproject.blogspot.com/) God has this beautiful way of calling us to purpose and passion, in the midst of the mundane.

He is beckoning me to greater intimacy with Himself, while I'm folding laundry and applying butt paste.

He is asking me to honor him with my attitude as I pay bills and pick up dog vomit.
And he is calling me to a life of blessing, as I continue to endure the learning curve of my full time job.
We finally took an official pregnancy picture. More than 1/2 way there!


  1. Can I just say the whole bit about Micah being "willful" is really encouraging??! Because, as you know, our children are from the same egg, apparently, and cannot do things NOT in sync. Will is the. exact. same. way. right now and I laugh because- that is me entirely. It's painful to watch sometimes but I love him more every day. Thanks for sharing, as always!

  2. First, you're adorable! Second, I'm also weirdly backwards - my "sacrifice" is to not be doing the crazy hard things, but to be in the "small" places doing "small" things that are actually not small at all. And third, I like reading your blog and seeing your adorable boy. :)