Monday, April 23, 2012


Monday.  April 2...something. 2012
It's 6:05 and I roll out of bed.  I don't need the snooze button on mornings like today.  Today is "Mommy's Morning Out." That means Panera needs to make extra Hazelnut coffee and I get a few early hours to spend with the Lord.
I settle in at our neighborhood Panera.  Except I live in suburbia, so we kinda have three to choose from. As I get out my Bible, prayer journal and music I wonder who from Mission Hills Church I will see this time.  I make a quick mental plan for my 90 minute slot.
My brain works best early in the morning, and even more so when I'm out of the house and working on my second cup of coffee.
(Yes, I drink coffee when I'm pregnant.  In fact, I probably drink more than when I'm not.  And yes, I'm pregnant.  I'll write about THAT someday...:)  )  I pull out my Adored stuff and open my Bible to Genesis, to continue my look at Sarah.
I no sooner get to the middle of Genesis then when two elder from church walk in.  Ha! I love it.  We exchange a couple weak jokes about Christians and coffee shops and surprise pregnancies.  ha. ha. ha.
My study of Sarah is delayed as I just stare at a treasure from Psalm 73 for a good 10 minutes:
"My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
I can't make myself look away.  It's as if our faithful God is pouring encouragement over my somewhat dry bones like a bucket of cold water. I soak it up.
Before I know it it's 8:00 and time to head home so Matt can get to work.

I walk into my from door to be greeted by the 3 cutest boys in the world.  Only one doesn't have yogurt on their face.  And that might be just because he had Frosted Flakes.  Matt kisses me, Mathias laughs and claps with fervor, and Micah begins telling me about why he chose the red yogurt and what we are doing after breakfast.  Oh, I love my firstborn.  He's

Matt leaves, and I ponder why he can't just stay home and play with me all day. Every day.

We clean up, I shower while the boys play with blocks.
At 9:00 Mathias goes down for his morning nap, content and easy as ever.  He all but says, "As you wish, Mommy." Micah goes to his room to play.  I can't erase my smile as he continues to talk about how great his "Cars" underwear are. I pull out his animals and he picks out his music and kinda pushes me out of the door.

After almost an hour of boring bills, studying, and menu planning, the day picks back up when Micah is done and we get to watch Sesame Street together.  I say a silent prayer of gratitude for Micah's kind and compliant heart today, exactly what his dad and I prayed for last night.

It's now 11:30 and the 3 of us head to a chiropractor appointment.  Because I'm pregnant.  Just like I was a year ago at this time.  :)

Mathias laughs most of the way to the appointment, Micah reads me a book and tells me about...something.  I don't remember all of them. Oh yea, he wanted to pray for his toy donkey that DeWayne chewed up.  Like 9 months ago.

We run a few errands, and make it home in time for naps.  It's a family event. I love 1:00.  As I reference on facebook, there is no second trimester surge of energy.  None.  It doesn't exist.  I have no pride left (that's not true), no trying to just be a machine all day.  I run to that couch and put Everybody Loves Raymond on low volume and I'm out.

Around 3:30 the little balls of crazy messy energy awake and I pat myself on the back for cleaning out my junk drawer before they got up.  The 3 of us head outside for a good hour and a half of chalk, forts, animals, and basketball.

We even sat under the cool shade of our front tree, both boys in my lap, and read Bible stories for 20 minutes.

Hold on, let me rephrase that.  That was misleading.  We were under the tree.  And there were moments when one of them was on my lap, while the other was on my back, or biting my shoulder.  And we probably read 20 minutes worth, but it was interjected by a fight over craisens, burying toys in the mulch, and Mathias eating chalk.  Which I don't really do anything about.  ( A side note: when Matt got home Mathias had dirt on his lips, snot running from his nose and it was dyed blue from chalk!  And lunch on his forehead. He is adorable.)

Matt gets home around 5:15!  I notice that I still think he is the most handsome thing ever.  His eyes, his tan skin....mmmm. mmmm.

I whip up some shrimp fried rice.  An excuse to eat egg rolls.
Mathias eats his weight in it.  Micah eats Spaghettios.  Don't judge. Then it's a bit of baseball and bikes and off to the bath while Matt cleans up dinner.  (Thank you Matt.)

7:00.  Kids are in bed.  I look down and remember I'm pregnant.  Matt and I take turns going for a quick run, and here. we . are.

That's today.  Life is full.  Lots to do.  Even more coming.  But thankful.  So, so, sooooo thankful.

Because God is good.  He is so good to provide days like today, where I get to start with time with Him, end it with Matt, and fill the time in between with Elmo, M&M, and Craisen fights.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty Re. I love reading your blog. Hope you have a good day today. Also, we'll be in CO this summer. Play date?