Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning....

Guess why I'm in a good mood?!
BECAUSE this morning I had to put on a long sleeve and my slippers while I made breakfast and cleaned up the house! Yay Fall! Nevermind that now my feet are slightly sweaty and my sleeves are rolled up, I still deem it a Fall day.

And now QUICK! Micah's morning nap is quickly diminishing so I only have one hour to babble about who knows what to who knows who (besides my mom, Hi Mom......)

But with all sincerity, what has been heavy on my heart is... sincerity.

Does anyone have it down? If so I would lu-uve to sit and have a Skinny Chai Tea Latte....Grande, with you and learn your ways. Because sincere is something I long to be.

Conversely, one of the last things I ever want to be described as is insincere.

Sincere, by definition, means "Free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings."

It's from the Latin, sincerus which means whole, or pure.

The most important place to be sincere?
Before God.

I have long struggled with straightening my tie, if you will, before I come to God. Or tucking in my shirt tail. Often I like to clean up and fix my sin before I begin to pray. THEN God will be so impressed with my godliness and my heart for him....

But I am finding much blessing in whole, genuine, messy presentations before Him. The times where I can say to Him,
"God, I'm not feeling it."
"God, I'm ticked off."
"God, I hurt so much I don't even want to pray."
"God, I'm so distracted by this falsely satisfying world that I don't feel like giving you this time."

Because sincerity before Him is like a highway to refinement.

It cuts through a bunch of steps, a bunch of half hearted prayers and attitudes, and allows His loving heart to get through to mine.
It seems to open my eyes to my stubborn independent efforts to hold of God from really working in my heart. It opens to ears to hear His promises to me, his desires for me.

For those who feel far away from God, I encourage you to give up. Quit trying to pull yourself together. Leave the shirt tail out. And come to the God who loves you as you are. Jump on this highway of sincerity and you will quickly find yourself nearing a place of healing, restoration, and purpose.


  1. Thanks for a sincere post ~ love it! I, too, desire that in my heart and life. May you have a sincerely satisfying day in the Lord today, my dear Sister!

  2. Go James 3!!!! Sincerity, the last in a list of wisdom attributes! Don't you love it when God gives us lists?

  3. And thanks, Rebekah, for so aptly defining it for us!

  4. So good to catch up on your life. Your little boy is so cute. liz reasland (aereasland.blogspot.com)